What is a Poker Run?

what is a poker run

So what is a poker run for memorial? It’s an exciting new way of raising money for a charity. The concept is brilliant. Some volunteers, family, and friends get together; some may even live far away and play a friendly game of poker for fundraisers. Each player wins a prize or money that is donated to the charity of their choice.

A poker run or raise is an organized event where participants, most often using vehicles, bicycles, snowboards, boats, all-terrain vehicles, horses, or other means of transport, are forced to go through a series of seven to ten checkpoints, Drawing a card each at each. The objective is for your hand to have the most substantial poker hand at the final table. If it doesn’t, you’re out!!

Motorcycle riders are a lot of fun, and they get everyone talking while they are riding. This is a great time to promote a local fundraiser with a “Poker Run.” Memorial motorcycle runs are scheduled for every two weeks at designated dates. Some riders who live near fundraisers plan to ride to the checkpoint on bicycles instead of driving their vehicles. However, if everyone can afford a ride, then they should ride.

The proceeds of each of these fundraisers, raised from players who pass through seven or ten checkpoints along the route, benefit the charity. The proceeds benefit not only the charity but also the motorcyclists. The routes usually take several hours and are well-lit, making it easy for motorists to see the bikes. Some cyclists prefer to keep to the road and not make it too complicated, but some enjoy the challenges that come along the way.

Every ride has its own set of criteria, which makes for an exciting experience for participants. If you plan to ride through more than one checkpoint, then you may want to keep a written score sheet along with your bracelet. This not only keeps you organized, but it helps you to know exactly how much you are raising and how many people are coming along each leg of the route. In most cases, the company provides a route map that provides the rides, but if you are passing through more than one, it may be helpful to use a written score sheet to mark your positions on the map. A good GPS is highly recommended for this purpose.

Once you reach your starting point, the game begins. Depending on the game being played, the rules may vary, so have a printed out copy of the rules with you. Most games are friendly, and most players start happy to see each other, but make sure you stay polite no matter what! Poker is a fun sport to play, and once you have learned all the tricks, you can take over the table and win the pot without even saying a word! Good Luck!

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